"Liv’In by Keyrus"

The Keyrusians are having major office alterations done and reappropriating their premises, so as to provide for greater collaboration and innovation and, above all, ever more pleasant workspaces!

And major ambitions (7 floors to renovate!) need major resources:

  • An approach based on co-building, pursued with all Keyrus stakeholders,
  • An entire floor used for 4 months as a test space, mixing 4 styles: garage, showroom, café, cocoon,
  • And, above all, a super "Swiss Army knife" (Selma) to drive, stir up, and steer this company project.

And we are almost there! After having been a work zone since the end of June, at the end of July Keyrus Management will take over the first new floors to be completed.

New offices, new state of mind, new adventure, we can not wait!

So if you are as curious as we are, pay us a visit and have a coffee with us!  

#WeCare #LivInRocks #KeyrusRocks

Aurélie D.